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January 18th, 2017

03:40 pm - Canon Addicts Collection Index, H/C Section



Pre-Reichenbach era / unspecified season

It Takes a Village by CaffieneKitty (Sherlock sickfic, humour)
Adequacies by AJHall (humour)
The Distance Getting Close by Morgan_Stuart (angst, Lestrade character study)
Petty Erosions by CaffieneKitty (humour, John character study)
Arts And Crafts And Other Developments by Random_Nexus
Seeds by thesardine (angst, Sherlock character study)
Call and Answer by veronamay (Sherlock sickfic, humour)
Very Good Indeed by stillwaters01 (sickfic, doctor John)
these are the reasons I think that we're ill by coloredink (Sherlock sickfic)
And A Doctor by stillwaters01 (sickfic, doctor John)
Q1 HR by stillwaters01 (sickfic)
Danger Nights by KerkerianHorizon
Those Days by stillwaters01
Deal by Basser
3 Times Sherlock Calls Mrs. Hudson His Mother, and 1 Time John Does by bbcatemysoul (Mrs. Hudson)
The Dying Detective by KerkerianHorizon (Sherlock sickfic)
Simple Procedure by Fangs_Fawn (sickfic)
SNAFU by scrub456 (humour, Sherlock and John character study)
A Week in the Country by chainsaw_poet (Sherlock sickfic, casefic)
Triage by Morgan_Stuart (Sally and Sherlock)
A Scientist or a Philospher by KerkerianHorizon (Sherlock and Lestrade)
tenderly they turn to dust by scribblscrabbl (Holmes brothers, sickfic)
An Interesting Puzzle by awanderingbard (Holmes brothers, Mycroft sickfic)
Official Records Deny It by Elster (kid to grown-up Sherlock and Mycroft, H/C)

Caught in the Undertow by CaffieneKitty
Freeze Thy Blood Less Coldly by CaffieneKitty (optional Johnlock)
In the Belfry by ariadnes_string (Sherlock, John, Lestrade)


First Things First by sgam76 (Kidlock & junkie Sherlock, H/C, angst)
The Pillar Upon Which England Rests by DiscordantWords (Sherlock and Mrs. Hudson, Florida)
Aiding and Abetting by Jolie_Black (Lestrade and junkie Sherlock)
Uncertainty by spycandy (Holmes brothers, season 1)
Into the Hills by Jolie_Black (season 2, ACD rewrite, casefic)

The Adventure of the Left Shoe by Jolie_Black (TRF, unrequited Sherlolly)
The Shallow End by hollyesque (season 3, bromance, H/C, Reichenbach fix-it)
Scheherezade by sgam76 (season 3)

Just Words by Spartangal22 (TEH, John and Molly)
Though the Heavens Fall by Ghyllwyne (post-TEH, casefic, angst)
A Pox on All Your Houses by sgam76 (post-TEH, Holmes family character studies)
Interlude in December by sgam76 (Pre-TSOT)
Essentially the Devil Incarnate by Jennistar1 (TSOT, Holmes brothers)
up all night by michi_thekiller (HLV, Sherlock sickfic)
And I Have Promises to Keep by boho_writer (HLV, Sherlock sickfic)
Two left, one right by Jolie_Black (HLV, Sherlolly)
Scenes From Recovery by maryagrawatson (HLV, Sherlock sickfic)
Chips and Olives by maryagrawatson (post-HLV)
Matins by kangeiko (post-HLV, Holmes brothers)
Gather at the River by blacktail_chorus (future fic, casefic)

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November 2nd, 2016

11:02 am - Canon Addicts Collection Index, Casefic / Adventures Section


Casefic / Adventures

Cases set pre-series:

Endgame by AJHall (kid Sherlock)
The Pillar Upon Which England Rests by DiscordantWords (Sherlock and Mrs. Hudson, Florida)
The Three Students by Jolie_Black (university Sherlock)
Aiding and Abetting by Jolie_Black (Lestrade and junkie Sherlock backstory)

Cases during seasons 1, 2 & 3, or in an unspecified era:

Green Grow the Rushes, O! by AJHall (ACD rewrite, season 1)
Statistical Anomaly, or The Mystery of the Brides in the Bath by Jolie_Black (season 2)
Into the Hills by Jolie_Black (THOB, ACD rewrite, H/C)
Major Pieces by lindentreeisle (pre-Reichenbach)
Nearer My God, to Thee by Pargoletta (pre-Reichenbach)
Soul by Soul and Silently by Pargoletta (pre-Reichenbach, references to non-con)
John Plays Hooky by chappysmom (pre-Reichenbach, humour)
London Orbital by merripestin (ACD rewrite, pre-Reichenbach)
The Green Blade by verityburns (pre-Reichenbach)
The Adventure of the Underground Angel by ClearBrightLight (post-Reichenbach)

Though the Heavens Fall by Ghyllwyne (Season 3, H/C, angst)
The Adventure of the Grey Messenger by Jolie_Black & RubraSaetaFictor (Season 3, Interactive Casefic & Classical Music)
The Adventure of the Plush Shark by Jolie_Black (Sherlock and Archie, HLV, humour)

The Case of the Unexpected Guest by codswallop
Rigging screws, size 1 3/8 inch, galvanised by AJHall
Rigging Screws, DVD bonus extras by AJHall (tag to main story, Johnlock)
The Copper's Beeches by Garmonbozia (ACD rewrite, junkie Sherlock backstory, angst)
these are the reasons I think that we're ill by coloredink (sickfic)
The Case of the Disappearing Dancer by burntcopper
The Absent Glasses by jenthesweetie
Gene Expression in Amber by kalima
The Bauble by Scriblit (ACD rewrite)
First Construction by Pargoletta
Night of the Breathing Dead by Caffienekitty
Lethal Waters by dioscureantwins
Metacarpal Tunnel Syndrome by owlcroft
The Highgrove Ritual by owlcroft (ACD rewrite)
The Ice Breaker by owlcroft
The Devil's Heart by owlcroft
The Friend in Need by ukaunz
A Week in the Country by chainsaw_poet (sickfic)
Have You Ever Had Dengue Fever, John? by hifunctoning (humour, ACD rewrite)
Welcome to London by impulsereader
The Colour of Wine by owlcroft
The Cuttleknowle Curse by dioscureantwins (ACD rewrite)
Strike Twice by rachelindeed (Casefic with Florida backstory)

Cases set post-season 3 / post-TAB:

Gather at the River by blacktail_chorus
The Holiday by Scriblit (references to non-con, ACD rewrite)
Guardian by silverblazehorse
The Advent Calendar by silverblazehorse
The Blue Carboy by owlcroft (ACD rewrite)
The Trapping of Birdy Edwards by Jolie_Black (Sherlolly, threats of non-con, junkie Sherlock backstory)
The Adventure of the Body Snatchers by dioscureantwins
Of A Saint by RubraSaetaFictor (Johnlock)
As Others See Us by esterbrook (Johnlock)
The Poisoned Pawn Variation by RubraSaetaFictor
The Eighth Square by RubraSaetaFictor (sequel to „The Poisoned Pawn Variation“)
Under the Radar by Jolie_Black (sequel to „The Three Students“)
The Trained Politician, the Cormorant, and the Lighthouse by owlcroft
Eddie Ricoletti and His Abominable Life by owlcroft
Medium Dark by owlcroft
Horsed by dioscureantwins (casefic)

Flight Square by RubraSaetaFictor (Future fic, parentlock, ACD rewrite)

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August 3rd, 2016

12:47 pm - Canon Addicts Collection Index, Humour/Crackfic/Parodies Section

Having our complete Canon Addicts Collection Index all in one post has proved too much for LJ to handle.

So here's our



Flatmates- a drama in three acts by Gosherlocked (pre-series to ASIP)
John Plays Hooky by chappysmom (Season 1, casefic)
Idle Gossip by Arnie (TBB)
What Sherlock Missed by chappysmom (THOB)

Getting Down by Hummingbird2 (THOB, crack)
Ripper the Handyman by CaffieneKitty (TRF, Mrs Hudson)
The Secret Identity of John Watson by scifigrl47 (pre-Reichenbach John, dating)
Chat-Up by Basser (Sherlock and Molly, pre-Reichenbach)
I Prefer to Text by impulsereader (post-Reichenbach John)
Shall We Dance? by Boton (TSOT)
Quite the Gambler by 3seconds (HLV)
A (mostly) mental exercise by Bold_as_Brass (Season 3)

Unspecified season/episode:

Fire by CaffieneKitty
The HAT Trick by CaffieneKitty
Technology is Great by Dimity Blue
The 15.06 to Totnes by Trillsabells
A Most Reluctant Elf by bwblack (Mycroft)
Have You Ever Had Dengue Fever, John? by hifunctoning (casefic)

The Simple Joys of Home by CaffieneKitty
A Restless Pillow by CaffieneKitty
Good Fences by CaffieneKitty
Brother Dear by lindentreeisle
Sick Day by awanderingbard

By the Side of the Road by awanderingbard
Fratres for Violin and Piano by joudama (classical music)
Putting Up Shelves by Basser (Sherlock/OMC)
Empty Larders by tepidspongebath
Fortune Favors the Wet by Caffienekitty
Variations in Purchasing Criteria by Caffienekitty
The Devil's Pet Bait by Caffienekitty
A Clear Distinction by Caffienekitty
Criminal Floriography by Caffienekitty
Introduction to Western Philosophy by berlynn_wohl (casefic)
How We Rescued My Daddy From His Bad Friends by CaffieneKitty (illustrated - outsider POV)
The Boxing Builder from Islington by TheWhiteLady
Playing at Detection by TheWhiteLily (casefic & classical music)
Never Have I Ever by awanderingbard
In the Belfry by ariadnes_string (H/C; Sherlock, John, Lestrade)

"Complete and utter crack" subsection:

A Holmes Revolution by awanderingbard (crack, tag to Never Have I Ever)
The First Time by owlcroft (crack)
Murder at the Ashram by Boton (crack)
Consequences by CaffieneKitty (crack)
Security by impulsereader (crack)
When Timbers are Shivered and Lillies are Livered by CaffieneKitty (crack - pirate Sherlock)

A Conspiracy of Cooks by Caffienekitty (crack)

The Twitter Account of John Watson by bwblack (crack, Season 1)
Write or Die, Moriarty Mode by CaffieneKitty (crack, pre-Reichenbach)
In Which John is a BAMF-y MoFo, OMG! by Kantayra (crack, parody, pre-Reichenbach)

"Sherlock and Animals" humour subsection:

The Great Tortoise Rescue by awanderingbard
Dupin the Parrot by PrettyArbitrary
A Curious Incident by songlin (fluff)

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August 1st, 2016

09:54 am - Canon Addicts collection July 2016 update
July 2016 has brought us up to 221 works and more! Your mods would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of you - writers, reccers and readers alike - for making this collection a very special little corner of the "Sherlock" fandom. :-)

The story that made us hit the magic number was an excellent example of what we collect, and why we collect it - a rock solid casefic, based on an ACD story, but with all the particular warmth and depth and special-ness that is Sherlock and John's friendship in the BBC series:

The Cuttleknowle Curse
by dioscureantwins
Casefic (ACD rewrite)

Another excellent exploration of that friendship can be found in

Beautiful Ideas
by metisket
Character study - Mike Stamford, ASIP

Apart from these - as if to fit the mood of the new season 4 trailer - we've been spe-cialising in angst this month, in any shape or form: Reichenbach related, drugs related, family related, romance related, bromance related, or combinations thereof.

So, learn some amazing items of backstory for the Holmes Brothers, in

Official Records Deny It
by Elster
Holmes Brothers - character study / H&C
(Please note: Don't be put off by the relationship tag and the author's note in the header - the story is NOT Holmescest, but gen.)

Share season 1 Molly's feelings for Sherlock, in

Putting a face on
by Garmonbozia
Character study - Molly Hooper (season 1)

Enjoy another excellent ACD-based casefic-cum-junkie-Sherlock- backstory, with

The Copper's Beeches
by Garmonbozia
Pre-Reichenbach casefic (ACD rewrite) / Angst
(Please note: The story is complete, not a WIP. The author simply forgot to mark it as such.)

Witness Sherlock and Mycroft's Reichenbach farewell, in

The Parting of Ways
by awanderingbard
Holmes Brothers, Reichenbach angst

Follow Sherlock into his self-appointed exile, with

Four Words
by tiltedsyllogism
Sherlock, Reichenbach hiatus, angst

Grieve with John after Reichenbach, in

Saying the Words
By Ghyllwyne
John, post-Reichenbach angst

Watch Sherlock and John trying to rebuild their friendship post-Reichenbach, in

Though the Heavens Fall
By Ghyllwyne
post-TEH - Casefic, H/C, angst

Explore Sherlock's feelings about John getting married in the famous dancing lesson at 221B, with

by tiltedsyllogism
Missing scene (TSOT, dancing lesson) / Angst

Or disappear with Sherlock into the dark night after the wedding, in

What a Night
by FullcircleFan
Missing scene (TSOT, post-wedding Sherlock) / Angst

Enjoy! And as always, don't forget to leave feedback for the authors!

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June 30th, 2016

09:12 am - The Canon Addicts Collection Index

The collection mods proudly present



listed by genre, era and characters.

This index was not made by us mods, but by a friend of the BBC Sherlock for Canon Addicts Collection who doesn't even want to be named. A million thanks to you for the painstaking work, dear!!!

Last updated: 1/2017
Click here for The IndexCollapse )

Readers - feel free to browse! And don't forget to leave feedback for the authors. If you find a broken link or any other mistakes, let us know in a comment.

Authors - should we have ommitted or mis-categorised a story of yours, please let us know so we can fix it.

To receive a monthly update of what's new in the collection, either

- subscribe to our mailing list (address is on the collection profile page on AO3)
- bookmark and check the collection FAQ page on AO3 in the first days of each month.

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June 13th, 2016

09:15 am - 18 months and 200,000 words later...
I don't know where I found the time to write all these, but they clearly left no time to update this place.

But since I've just been spring-cleaning my author profiles on ff.net and AO3, I might as well put

The Full List of my "Sherlock" Fanfics

in here, too.

In the order in which the stories fit into the timeline of the show, they are:


  • "The Three Students" (Unilock - Casefic & Friendship) --- on AO3 / on ff.net

  • "Aiding and Abetting" (Sherlock and Greg backstory - H/C & Friendship) --- on AO3 / on ff.net

  • "Dust is Eloquent" (Sherlock and Molly backstory) --- on AO3 / on ff.net


  • "The Adventure of the Left Shoe" (tentative Sherlolly) --- on AO3 / on ff.net


  • "Heading for a Fall" (Sherlock and Sally missing moment) --- on AO3 / on ff.net

  • "The Adventure of the Grey Messenger" (interactive casefic) --- on AO3


  • "The Adventure of the Plush Shark" (Sherlock and Archie - Friendship) --- on AO3 / on ff.net


  • "Two left, one right" (H/C & tentative Sherlolly) --- on AO3 / on ff.net

  • "And yet, here I am" (Holmes Brothers - post-Appledore angst) --- on AO3 / on ff.net

  • "Teatime (Picking up the Pieces)" (Holmes Brothers - post-Appledore angst) --- on AO3 / on ff.net

post HLV:

  • "Sparklers on the Roof" (Sherlock and Archie - Fluff & Angst) --- on AO3


  • "The Trapping of Birdy Edwards" (Casefic & tentative Sherlolly) --- on AO3 / on ff.net

  • "Under the Radar" (Casefic & Friendship - sequel to "Three Students") --- on AO3 / on ff.net

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September 24th, 2014

10:16 pm - FIC: Two left, one right (BBC Sherlock)

This one was written for therapeutic reasons after the blood, sweat and tears of "And yet, here I am". Throughout "His Last Vow", Sherlock gets trampled on by so many people in so many ways that I felt he deserved at least some twenty minutes of relative peace and happiness between disasters.

And while I did definitely not mind the scene in which Molly slaps Sherlock for not letting his friends help him deal with his supposed drug problem, I did mind that there was never a resolution to it. Molly matters to Sherlock, she's part of his family, a rock of reliability and loyalty. She deserved to make up with him properly.

Title: Two left, one right


Sherlock is back in hospital after absconding from it for John's sake. Molly Hooper, too, has something that needs to be put right. A bedside visit. - A missing moment from "His Last Vow", not in the sense that it must have happened; more a fix-it that I wish would have happened, and there's nothing in canon to say that it can't have, so there.

Pairings: Very tentative Sherlock/Molly
Categories: Friendship, Hurt/Comfort, and shameless Fluff.

Characters: Sherlock Holmes, Molly Hooper, Greg Lestrade
Rating: Harmless
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/2352794


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September 20th, 2014

09:56 pm - FIC: And yet, here I am
OK, this is the one scene I’ve always wanted to write. It began to take on a life of its own in my head the moment the end credits of “His Last Vow” started rolling, and it has been with me ever since.

It has been described by a reviewer on AO3 as "kind of brutal and yet beautiful", which is exactly what I was aiming at.

Title: And yet, here I am

I once heard a wise man say that sentiment is a chemical defect found in the losing side, and that you should never let your heart rule your head. It is perhaps a strange whim of nature that the wisest men are always the last to follow their own advice. And that includes myself, I’m afraid. I once told that very same man that caring is not an advantage. And yet, here I am.”

After the disaster at Appledore, Mycroft Holmes contemplates Sherlock’s future (or lack thereof). Sherlock himself has very little to say on the matter. A missing moment from “His Last Vow”. Drama, Angst, a lot of Hurt and very little Comfort. Rated PG-13 (or T) for references to suicide.
100% canon compatible.

Rating: Heartless
Feedback is much appreciated!
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/2325254

I started with the idea that Mycroft and Sherlock should sort this out without ever looking each other in the eye, and I was curious to see for how long Sherlock would actually keep his mouth shut as well. And of course, I wanted to see whether I could make them both cry. I must say I’m rather pleased with the result. Sherlock says all of two words, and that very late in the day, and I was certainly crying by the time I typed them.

Enjoy it, if you can!

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September 15th, 2014

11:50 am - FIC: The Adventure of the Left Shoe (BBC Sherlock)
How is it that there is SO much Hurt/Comfort being written in the Sherlock fandom?

Of course, Sherlock suffers beautifully, but canonically, you will need to bodily knock him out cold or shoot him in the chest for anyone to be allowed to take care of him at all, and you can't do that all the time in fanfic. So for the longest time, I never looked at any of it.

Until I realised that Sherlock lends himself perfectly to Hurt/Comfort precisely because he'd resent it so much.

So here it is, Jolie's first ever Hurt/Comfort fic, featuring

  • my favourite non-pairing (unrequited Sherlock/Molly)

  • Sherlock doing Parkour in his full coated and scarfed glory

  • Molly Hooper comparing the love of her life first to a cat and then to a waterfall

  • John commenting on the state of Sherlock's knees and refusing to give the dating advice that Sherlock never asked for anyway

  • and a left shoe.

Summary: One of Sherlock’s secret bolt-holes in London is Molly Hooper’s bedroom, and that’s CANON. But how the hell did that happen? - A missing moment from just before “The Reichenbach Fall”. Action, Friendship, and a goodly dose of Hurt/Comfort - or it would be, if Sherlock would ever allow that sort of thing. Unrequited Sherlock/Molly, 100 % canon compatible.
Category: Hurt/Comfort, Friendship, Humour, and don't Molly wish it were Romance, too.
Rating: PG
Feedback is much appreciated!
Link: The Adventure of the Left Shoe


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September 3rd, 2014

08:49 pm - FIC: Dust is Eloquent (BBC Sherlock)
I could do this all day and all night.

But after having done it for a couple of days and nights at the cost of severely neglecting my job, my family, my friends and my health, I'm not sure I can do this very often...

Summary: How did St. Barts Hospital become Sherlock’s home away from home? Set before „A Study in Pink“. Sherlock and Molly meet for the first time. Mike Stamford chuckles. Mycroft does not approve. Greg Lestrade saves the day. Unrequited Sherlock/Molly (100 % canon compatible)
Category: A little romance, a little drama, a little humour. Let's say Gen.
Rating: PG for subtle references to drug abuse.
Feedback is much appreciated!
Link: Dust is Eloquent

Molly is a wonderful character. It drives me up the wall how she lets Sherlock treat her, but we saw a big improvement to that in Season 3, and honestly, if Sherlock were to walk into my lab, I'd be bowled over just the same. So here's to you, sister!

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