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Canon Addicts Collection Index, Casefic / Adventures Section - Musings of a Canon-Maniac

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November 2nd, 2016

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11:02 am - Canon Addicts Collection Index, Casefic / Adventures Section


Casefic / Adventures

Cases set pre-series:

Endgame by AJHall (kid Sherlock)
The Pillar Upon Which England Rests by DiscordantWords (Sherlock and Mrs. Hudson, Florida)
The Three Students by Jolie_Black (university Sherlock)
Aiding and Abetting by Jolie_Black (Lestrade and junkie Sherlock backstory)

Cases during seasons 1, 2 & 3, or in an unspecified era:

Green Grow the Rushes, O! by AJHall (ACD rewrite, season 1)
Statistical Anomaly, or The Mystery of the Brides in the Bath by Jolie_Black (season 2)
Into the Hills by Jolie_Black (THOB, ACD rewrite, H/C)
Major Pieces by lindentreeisle (pre-Reichenbach)
Nearer My God, to Thee by Pargoletta (pre-Reichenbach)
Soul by Soul and Silently by Pargoletta (pre-Reichenbach, references to non-con)
John Plays Hooky by chappysmom (pre-Reichenbach, humour)
London Orbital by merripestin (ACD rewrite, pre-Reichenbach)
The Green Blade by verityburns (pre-Reichenbach)
The Adventure of the Underground Angel by ClearBrightLight (post-Reichenbach)

Though the Heavens Fall by Ghyllwyne (Season 3, H/C, angst)
The Adventure of the Grey Messenger by Jolie_Black & RubraSaetaFictor (Season 3, Interactive Casefic & Classical Music)
The Adventure of the Plush Shark by Jolie_Black (Sherlock and Archie, HLV, humour)

The Case of the Unexpected Guest by codswallop
Rigging screws, size 1 3/8 inch, galvanised by AJHall
Rigging Screws, DVD bonus extras by AJHall (tag to main story, Johnlock)
The Copper's Beeches by Garmonbozia (ACD rewrite, junkie Sherlock backstory, angst)
these are the reasons I think that we're ill by coloredink (sickfic)
The Case of the Disappearing Dancer by burntcopper
The Absent Glasses by jenthesweetie
Gene Expression in Amber by kalima
The Bauble by Scriblit (ACD rewrite)
First Construction by Pargoletta
Night of the Breathing Dead by Caffienekitty
Lethal Waters by dioscureantwins
Metacarpal Tunnel Syndrome by owlcroft
The Highgrove Ritual by owlcroft (ACD rewrite)
The Ice Breaker by owlcroft
The Devil's Heart by owlcroft
The Friend in Need by ukaunz
A Week in the Country by chainsaw_poet (sickfic)
Have You Ever Had Dengue Fever, John? by hifunctoning (humour, ACD rewrite)
Welcome to London by impulsereader
The Colour of Wine by owlcroft
The Cuttleknowle Curse by dioscureantwins (ACD rewrite)
Strike Twice by rachelindeed (Casefic with Florida backstory)

Cases set post-season 3 / post-TAB:

Gather at the River by blacktail_chorus
The Holiday by Scriblit (references to non-con, ACD rewrite)
Guardian by silverblazehorse
The Advent Calendar by silverblazehorse
The Blue Carboy by owlcroft (ACD rewrite)
The Trapping of Birdy Edwards by Jolie_Black (Sherlolly, threats of non-con, junkie Sherlock backstory)
The Adventure of the Body Snatchers by dioscureantwins
Of A Saint by RubraSaetaFictor (Johnlock)
As Others See Us by esterbrook (Johnlock)
The Poisoned Pawn Variation by RubraSaetaFictor
The Eighth Square by RubraSaetaFictor (sequel to „The Poisoned Pawn Variation“)
Under the Radar by Jolie_Black (sequel to „The Three Students“)
The Trained Politician, the Cormorant, and the Lighthouse by owlcroft
Eddie Ricoletti and His Abominable Life by owlcroft
Medium Dark by owlcroft
Horsed by dioscureantwins (casefic)

Flight Square by RubraSaetaFictor (Future fic, parentlock, ACD rewrite)

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