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Canon Addicts collection July 2016 update - Musings of a Canon-Maniac

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August 1st, 2016

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09:54 am - Canon Addicts collection July 2016 update
July 2016 has brought us up to 221 works and more! Your mods would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of you - writers, reccers and readers alike - for making this collection a very special little corner of the "Sherlock" fandom. :-)

The story that made us hit the magic number was an excellent example of what we collect, and why we collect it - a rock solid casefic, based on an ACD story, but with all the particular warmth and depth and special-ness that is Sherlock and John's friendship in the BBC series:

The Cuttleknowle Curse
by dioscureantwins
Casefic (ACD rewrite)

Another excellent exploration of that friendship can be found in

Beautiful Ideas
by metisket
Character study - Mike Stamford, ASIP

Apart from these - as if to fit the mood of the new season 4 trailer - we've been spe-cialising in angst this month, in any shape or form: Reichenbach related, drugs related, family related, romance related, bromance related, or combinations thereof.

So, learn some amazing items of backstory for the Holmes Brothers, in

Official Records Deny It
by Elster
Holmes Brothers - character study / H&C
(Please note: Don't be put off by the relationship tag and the author's note in the header - the story is NOT Holmescest, but gen.)

Share season 1 Molly's feelings for Sherlock, in

Putting a face on
by Garmonbozia
Character study - Molly Hooper (season 1)

Enjoy another excellent ACD-based casefic-cum-junkie-Sherlock- backstory, with

The Copper's Beeches
by Garmonbozia
Pre-Reichenbach casefic (ACD rewrite) / Angst
(Please note: The story is complete, not a WIP. The author simply forgot to mark it as such.)

Witness Sherlock and Mycroft's Reichenbach farewell, in

The Parting of Ways
by awanderingbard
Holmes Brothers, Reichenbach angst

Follow Sherlock into his self-appointed exile, with

Four Words
by tiltedsyllogism
Sherlock, Reichenbach hiatus, angst

Grieve with John after Reichenbach, in

Saying the Words
By Ghyllwyne
John, post-Reichenbach angst

Watch Sherlock and John trying to rebuild their friendship post-Reichenbach, in

Though the Heavens Fall
By Ghyllwyne
post-TEH - Casefic, H/C, angst

Explore Sherlock's feelings about John getting married in the famous dancing lesson at 221B, with

by tiltedsyllogism
Missing scene (TSOT, dancing lesson) / Angst

Or disappear with Sherlock into the dark night after the wedding, in

What a Night
by FullcircleFan
Missing scene (TSOT, post-wedding Sherlock) / Angst

Enjoy! And as always, don't forget to leave feedback for the authors!

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