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Musings of a Canon-Maniac

The Journal of Jolie

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31 July
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Welcome to the journal of Jolie Black!

This is a fandom-oriented journal. I currently write for the BBC "Sherlock" series, to mention only my most recent and most intensely-pursued obsession.

I am a canon-maniac. I love and respect the original books/series and their authors. I love exploring side streets and picturing missing moments. I don't do AU, crossovers, or porn.

A full list of all my BBC "Sherlock" stories can be found here.

I proudly co-mod the BBC "Sherlock" for Canon Addicts Collection on AO3, and the sister community on FF.net.
We collect the best of canon-compliant BBC "Sherlock" fanfic to be had in our fandom. Friend me for monthly updates of our newest additions!

I've also written two Harry Potter fanfics focussing on Sirius Black and Remus Lupin and the events of book 5, both bridging gaps, or filling in missing moments: "The Summer of the Phoenix" and "Bleak Midwinter".
Of "The Summer of the Phoenix", there's also a German version here: "Der Sommer des Phönix"

Feedback on the stories and comments of all sorts are very welcome!


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